Launchsite of the race has had to be changed.

The starting place for the 2010 Gordon Bennett has had to be changed, owing to the huge cost and organisational effort of holding an event in a public space.

The original plan was to hold the event from Ashton Court in Bristol. The GB committee worked hard with Bristol City Council to make it work, but it became clear over the past few months that to hold a public event to which any and all of the public could come to would require a very stringent public events licence, at an extra cost of almost £20,000 - £25,000. No sponsors could be found to come up with this amount of money, despite months of trying by the organising committee.

The race will now start from a private site (a farm) to the north-west of Bristol. Entry to the event will be by ADVANCE TICKET ONLY. No tickets will be available "on the night". If you wish to buy tickets, please download our form from our tickets page.