What to do - Stefan looks at the options

With night approaching, what are the teams to do?

Comment to SWI 2:

The Swiss team will go out right in time before night time is coming up and will go further to the Balkan countries. The longest distance to the launch point Bristol will be the black sea coast line of Bulgaria and Rumania. So we will see how far he will go!!

Comments to FRA 2:

It looks like that the French team is trying to get right in time out of the Sardinian coastline before the night comes. Thereafter they must try to come not to early again to Italian coastline. It will be in each way very close but this team is very experienced. We will see which way there weatherman will find to handle this…

Comment to GBR3:

The balloons which go out now from the French coast will try to come by daylight over Italian Country. It looks like they can do it right in time. If the weather will be stabile and they have enough ballast it will be interested to see which way they will go to reach then the Swiss team.