Forecast Trajectories for teams GBR3 and USA2

Our guru Stefan Handl has looked at the forecast trajectories for these two teams through the night

(note: the big "dots" are the position at midnight. The smaller ones are every six hours, the heights are shown at the bottom in metres)

The flying teams are now 45h in the air and it would be nice to know how much ballast the have already used, to see how far they can go from now.
SWI 2 told on their team website they will go further to the Black Sea
FRA 2 is looking good about daylight in Italy

Comment to GBR3

This trajectory shows how the way could be also in direction east but they must do it again right in time in Italy. But it can happen..

Comments to USA 2

Here you can see nearly the same way like the other one but the timing looks much better actual for this team

GER 2 and GER 3 have nearly the same way like GBR 2 and USA 2, so we will see how they handle it with the timing in Italy