30 minutes until sunrise in Italy

Looking good for the teams "held up" by Italian airspace regulations

The five teams still to the west of Italy can start to fly over that country. The GER2 team of Matthias Zenge and Markus Pieper reached Corsica around midnight and have flown low since then to slow down. However they have recently climbed to catch faster winds. The other teams have kept a steady pace throughout the night and are approaching the Italian coast further south.

Meanwhile the current race leader, Swiss team Kurt Frieden and Pascal Witpraechtiger, are still at 10,000' feet over Romania, heading for the west coast of the Black Sea, before which they will have to land if they wish to remain in the competition!

You can see how close the French team of Sebastien Rolland and Vincent Leys came to Naples at 0430GMT - approximately 30 minutes before sunrise.