A look ahead

With only four teams remaining, what do the forecast trajectories indicate for the teams? Stefan Handl comments:

"GER 2 shows like he is trying to get to Debrecen in Hungary so that the Co Pilot can fly in the World Hot air championships :-)

The other 3 teams have to do a real good job to get the distance back from the Swiss team. Especially from the north is a front coming with bad weather and this can stop them. To get a longer distance as the hare the Swiss team the hounds must stay south of them and this is the way to win. Take a look onto our webpage http://www.gordonbennett2010.com/about/map/distances and you can exactly follow where they must go to win."

The chart shows the forecast trajectory at 333m (1000'), 2831m (10,000') and 4830m (16,000). The smaller dots are at six hourly intervals and the large dots are at midnight.It doesn't look like the wind direction or speed is there for the remaining teams to beat the Swiss.