Flight Control Update

Submitted by Jo Slade on Tue, 2010/09/28 - 14:25 UTC

Colin Butter returns in time for the BBC news!

BBC Bristol arrived to film in flight control for the lunch time news, and just minutes before they began filming in walked Colin Butter (GBR 1 pilot) to a huge round of applause from the team. Colin said he had a fabulous flight, and that it was really cold up there.

Welcome back Colin ~ Robin wants to pop the Champagne apparently it’s a “tiresome tradition”. We don't believe you Robin, we know you love it!

The BBC asked Colin if he thought the Swiss Team were unbeatable by the four balloons still in flight, he replied “They are not in an unbeatable position but they will have to go really hard to beat him, they are up against a very changeable conditions so it will make for a hugely exciting 24 hours.”

Robin Batchelor says “If he can go through the night he might be in with a chance, but the competition area makes that difficult. Of course it is the distance from the start which will define the winner, so they will need to look carefully at the weather and the trajectories to see if it will be possible.”

The atmosphere in the Control Centre continues to be electric and we are looking forward to welcoming back all the pilots from distance places with their amazing stories, and to see how the race unfolding in the next 24 hours…

Keep watching!
Jo (GB2010 PR/Media)