Update: 1545 UTC (1645BST) Tuesday (Day 4)

Following the landing of GER2, we have three balloons left in the air.

They are GER1, GBR3 and USA2. They are around 700km short of the target set by the Swiss team SWI2. Remember that it's the balloon to travel the furthest, measured around the earth's "Great Circle", that will win.

The remaining balloons are travelling at around 20kt (35kph) which means that they will need to fly for at least another 20 hours to beat the Swiss. However, the winds are backing and the weather forecast is not good, meaning that the last three balloons may struggle to achieve their goals. Adding to their problems could be a shortage of ballast (sand, water) and sheer exhaustion caused by almost three days in the air. Their mission control teams will also have been working around the clock since Saturday and will also be tired - here in GB2010 Flight Control know how they feel!