Update Midnight BST Wednesday (2300UTC Tuesday)

Three balloons fly through the night - one is going nowhere, the other two fly over the Balkans. They have been airborne almost 3 days now.

The American team USA2 of Richard Abruzzo & Carol Rymer Davis are sitting above the Adriatic Sea, just off the coast of Italy. They are at 2000' going around in slow circles. No-one here at race control (those on the night shift, ie me, Jo, Robin, Don and Kevin) quite knows what their plan is; hopefully there is a plan)

The other balloons head ENE across the Balkans towards Romania. GBR3 (David Hempleman-Adams & Simon Carey) are at 11,000' travelling at a leisurely 18kts. They still have a chance of winning if they can just track slightly to the right. Landing on the banks of the Black Sea, anywhere south of the Swiss team SWI2 (Kurt Frieden & Pascal Witpraechtiger), will give a greater distance from Bristol. They are 582km away from the SWI2 landing postition; at 18kts that's another 17 hours to go. However the weather forecast for the whole area is good, but with light winds. So they need more wind, lots of ballast and some luck!

Team GER1 (Wilhelm Eimers & Ullrich Seel) are at 12,300ft travelling at 32kts. This track will not enable them to win, with a maximum distance possible to the eastern boundary of Moldova of around 2400km, some 35km shorter than SWI2.

I've made some changes to the site to add the flight times to all competitors, and for teams which have landed, use the official time, distance and position figures. Teams still in the air will continue to use the latest values from the satellite trackers.

So Don has just gone to get some sleep on the sofa in the next room, and Hannah is asleep elsewhere. I'll be up until 2am at least. Safe flying to Wilhelm Eimers & Ullrich Seel, David Hempleman-Adams & Simon Carey, and Richard Abruzzo & Carol Rymer Davis, flying exhausted in thin, freezing air; to all the crews chasing their pilots across Europe, drive safely, and to those in the control centres (flight planners, met people and others) - try to get some rest, and of course our thousands of friends following the race around the world - thank you for your support and encouragement.