Day break Monday morning 27th September

Submitted by Jo Slade on Mon, 2010/09/27 - 07:13 UTC

We've had a great "night shift" at Flight Control, with 4 balloons now landed.

We've just taken a phone call from FIN2 pilot Ben Mattsson with his landing details. Ben landed at 02.27 UTC but didn't want to call in case we were sleeping. Thank you Ben, but we've been here all night. :-)

It's been a great night, a chance to get up to date with emails and reading so many fabulous and complimentary messages, and seeing all the press coverage on line.

Many people are contacting the Flight Control Team through our emails, facebook groups and twitter. It's great to get so many messages of support for the pilots, and for the event. Lots of people saw BBC reporter Nick Higham live on the ten o'clock news on Saturday from the launch site.

We're also getting photos of balloons sightings over France; one from a couple who used to live in Bristol. The racing is gaining interest from all over the world, with media requests coming in from Japan and Canada.

We've also heard from our first Gordon Bennett ~ a young man in New Zealand who's London based friend sent him the web link. All these emails and contact makes the hard work and organisation very worth while. So thanks for all your support.

Some balloons were treated to a fly by from the Red Arrows near the Bay of Biscay which is rather special! I do hope they took photographs.

Robin Batchelor has arrived to take over from Phil Dunnington who has done the night shift with me, Hannah and Don. Piers is on his way in to Flight Control to take back the key board, and the Cameron Balloons factory will soon fill up with the employees coming in for a new week at work.

We look forward to another exciting day of flights over Europe as the leading balloons fly over the sea towards Italy. The Italian airspace is closed overnight, so balloons will need to either cross the country or land before sunset.

Keep watching!