Possible Options for three of the teams

To give you an idea of the sort of decisions the teams have to make, our guru Stefan has generated some possible trajectories for three of the teams

Note: the "dots" are at 6 hour intervals, the large dots are at midnight.

"We did some trajectories to show what the way of the balloons could be.
This is not a team forecast, this shows only a possibility.
Information: The Italian country and 5 miles in front of the coastline is not allowed to cross during nighttime."

Comment to SWI2:

It looks like that the Swiss team can cross the Italian country during daytime safely and they can go further to the Balkan countries.

Comment to FRA2:

The French team is going also to Italian country but here it may be tricky to come not onto the Italian country before daylight. If they can, the way is open to the Balkan countries.

Comment to GBR3 (block of balloons):

This here is only a example for the balloons just be over the French country. The way which they can go is very difficult to reach the Italian country not during nighttime. BUT nobody knows really the strategy of the teams and we will see what is coming up in the evening…..