Your Shouts!

test user 01:04 Fri, 27th Aug

Not long to go now!

Anzi 14:27 Sat, 25th Sep

Looks like a great race!
Thank you very much for this fine website

Revaz Uturgauri 15:06 Sat, 25th Sep

What's up? How much time befour the start?

davidwallace 17:57 Sat, 25th Sep

Does anyone know what radio comms will be in use during the flight?

Gait oet Hengel 18:45 Sat, 25th Sep

Gait (oet Hengel)

BalloonHeaven 19:05 Sat, 25th Sep

Does anyone know what direction they will go to?

Oscar Dragt 19:15 Sat, 25th Sep

Directions into France and then onto Italy

davidwallace 19:27 Sat, 25th Sep

log in to webcam page for more flight info

Bertl 19:32 Sat, 25th Sep

Wünsche dem Team eine gute Fahrt!

Hans Habers 19:48 Sat, 25th Sep

Rien en Ron,
succes! zet 'm op!
een goede vaart gewenst!
Hans Habers

BaMit 19:59 Sat, 25th Sep

guten start und aufi in die hoeh

Isabelle Robion 20:45 Sat, 25th Sep

Bon vent pour Sébastien et Vincent!!

Jan oet Hoksebarge 21:16 Sat, 25th Sep

Groeten van Jan oet Hoksebarge (Netherlands)

PiersG Webmaster 21:38 Sat, 25th Sep

Trackers now being delivered to the teams

BrunoV 21:52 Sat, 25th Sep

Bons vents pour les Frenchies !

Frouwke Kuijpers 21:58 Sat, 25th Sep

Succes heren!

moertinger 21:59 Sat, 25th Sep

wünsch Euch eine interessante und erfolgreiche Fahrt !

Oscar Dragt 22:03 Sat, 25th Sep

Festo Flyer, Veel succes en een behouden vaart.

William Westrum 22:05 Sat, 25th Sep

Wishing all the best and good luck to all the participants!

franckybosters 23:09 Sat, 25th Sep

Bon vol

michael 23:38 Sat, 25th Sep

safe land in Macedonia

HansVanHoesel 23:40 Sat, 25th Sep

Voor Rien en Ron: namens ballonvarend NL alle succes!

stijn staelens 23:52 Sat, 25th Sep

good luck Belgium!!!

reneemacnutt 23:55 Sat, 25th Sep

Safe travels to all! Austin girls are the best!

michalku 00:04 Sun, 26th Sep

Good Luck and Happy landing !!!!!!

dyk 00:22 Sun, 26th Sep

Rien Ron,
behouden vaart , God Speed guys,
have Fun!

Revaz Uturgauri 00:28 Sun, 26th Sep

Lenia, Stas! All the best!

Revaz Uturgauri 00:31 Sun, 26th Sep

Markus! In case of landing in Turkey I'll come to pick you up!

Jürgen 00:38 Sun, 26th Sep

Wünschen Euch eine tolle Fahrt und viel Erfolg Jürgen&Martina

Zuz 00:44 Sun, 26th Sep

Go GB Girls, hope you do really well. Good luck and safe landings to all

reneemacnutt 00:45 Sun, 26th Sep

The greatest sport in the world!

mamaballoon 00:49 Sun, 26th Sep

Good luck GB girls, Go Janet and safe flight and landing.

FERRYAIR 00:53 Sun, 26th Sep

Good Luck to the British Teams from Ferryair Worldwide

reneemacnutt 00:57 Sun, 26th Sep

GB3 on ground? problems?

SHIRALEE 01:08 Sun, 26th Sep

Congratulations all, but extra special wishes for GB Girls!

markneal 01:17 Sun, 26th Sep

Congrats to GB2010. Good luck to all teams. but a uk win would be gr8:)

david888 01:20 Sun, 26th Sep

good luck to all , the sport of ballooning transcends all boundaries

Alex 01:37 Sun, 26th Sep

Good luck to all of the teams but...


cup0tea 01:56 Sun, 26th Sep

Tom Rutherford says Fly safe and fast, &come join us at Balloon Fiesta

007jay 02:01 Sun, 26th Sep

Just come back from watching balloons fly over bristol from dundry

martin-daetwyler 02:21 Sun, 26th Sep

Nihon Ballon, Europa wa moo samui kedo, 1700m de kuuki ga ii, ganbatte

hotairballoonphotos 02:36 Sun, 26th Sep

Fly safe everyone!

Polly 02:41 Sun, 26th Sep

An exciting and memorable first time at such an event. Thanks you all

DaveBair 03:02 Sun, 26th Sep

Congrats on a great launch. Thanks for the webcam! Fly Safe!

Featherlake 03:04 Sun, 26th Sep

USA1 over my house, Honiton, Devon.

DaveBair 03:04 Sun, 26th Sep

I see the team # (USA1) - how do I know who is who?

CPryor 03:05 Sun, 26th Sep

Congrats to all teams & also the organizing committee - excellent job!

RobWise 03:06 Sun, 26th Sep

Good Luck to all...

philippeburonpilatre 03:06 Sun, 26th Sep

good luck for all teams. Safe journey

Featherlake 03:08 Sun, 26th Sep

I know by the tracking. It was the only balloon flew over my house.

Saady D 03:20 Sun, 26th Sep

USa Team 1 Sullivan
USA Team 2 Abruzzo
USA Team 3 Wallace

CPryor 03:45 Sun, 26th Sep

Dave - the team lists are shown on launch order (on the News page)

deiniol 03:50 Sun, 26th Sep

Hey, Alaska Dave...Danny in ABQ!

SkinnyT 04:16 Sun, 26th Sep

Congrats to the organizers. Enjoyed the webcam interviews!

Saady D 04:21 Sun, 26th Sep

Hi Dan Wish I could post that pic of you with the sand bag on your head

Brad 04:22 Sun, 26th Sep

Hey, Alaska Dave...Brad in ABQ! See you in a few days

DaveBair 04:23 Sun, 26th Sep

Cynthia - Thanks for the guidance! I get it now.

Sarah Julenski 04:42 Sun, 26th Sep

I loved all those amazing pilots on tv including the branson looking one

Saady D 04:45 Sun, 26th Sep

Hi Brad,hey let me know of any vol opps between now-Sat at fiesta pls

deiniol 04:49 Sun, 26th Sep

Dave, you can volunteer to but a sand bad on your head!

Saady D 04:52 Sun, 26th Sep

Your partner has that covered

Tony J 04:57 Sun, 26th Sep

Mark and Cheri appear to be named USA1 at the moment.Good fortune !

gasballoon 05:03 Sun, 26th Sep

Sarah in Moldove. If you ever get to England, look me up!!

Sarah Julenski 05:05 Sun, 26th Sep

Pilots like your Mr Robin must have much women in England!

airwizard 05:47 Sun, 26th Sep

Good luck to all of you brave guys-I wish you dry feet and good nerves

kvesely 05:58 Sun, 26th Sep

Interesting tactical race brewing! Good luck & safe flights to all.

One World Dreaming 07:25 Sun, 26th Sep

Good Luck Colin & Paul. Have a safe Landing. Maybe you will pass our way

One World Dreaming 07:29 Sun, 26th Sep

Can anyone advise which GB Team is in which Balloon please?

kingswoodgl12 07:40 Sun, 26th Sep

left click on a balloon to see the pilot / co-pilot

Jacques Devisme 07:58 Sun, 26th Sep

Allez Vincent, "sac' ed' din" !!!

jo cooke 08:02 Sun, 26th Sep

David Owen I helped on the Trans Atlantic challenge? Hello! (Jo simmons)

crottefou 08:05 Sun, 26th Sep

Cha va aller ti zautes
In vous fait eun' grosse besse

John Bandey 08:06 Sun, 26th Sep

Hoping the wind veers a little to the east,so we are able to see you

Suzzy 08:12 Sun, 26th Sep

You adventurous souls. Good luck and fair winds to all of you!

D2 08:15 Sun, 26th Sep

alors les 2BePe,ça commence à sentir le chouchen!!!

BaMit 08:28 Sun, 26th Sep

good morning AUT1
new strategies to avoid Algeria ??

David Dodwell 08:48 Sun, 26th Sep

Forecast winds? Will they cross Bay Biscay to Northern Spain ?

HansVanHoesel 08:51 Sun, 26th Sep

To the Dutch team: the Autumn issue of BALLONSTOF is now available!

Penny Christy 08:52 Sun, 26th Sep

Go USA Teams!!!
Bring it home!

Olga Grishina 09:03 Sun, 26th Sep

Leonid and Stas good luck and a safe safe landing!! Russians are coming!

Revaz Uturgauri 09:03 Sun, 26th Sep

Lenchik, Stas! Molodci. Dobavte gasu!

Fanny 09:04 Sun, 26th Sep

Great, I may get to see one, they're not far away & on course.

Zuz 09:05 Sun, 26th Sep

Are the loggers using utc?

Olga Grishina 09:08 Sun, 26th Sep

Go Go Sebastien!!! Good luck to you!

Balloon Museum 09:21 Sun, 26th Sep

Which Team is which? 1,2 & 3. Is it the same order as on Teams page?

Latitude 09:26 Sun, 26th Sep

Hurry to Southern Spain! We've strong northerly winds- should be easy!

IvanAyala 09:29 Sun, 26th Sep

Spain would be pleased to welcome GB again
Go Markus & Matthias Go!!!

james.gales 09:31 Sun, 26th Sep

Hi have just watched Swiss team running south west of Jersey

Mike Glue 09:37 Sun, 26th Sep

Double click the balloon to see which team is which John.

Jcdrf3 09:39 Sun, 26th Sep

Allez les Lorrains ! france1+2

Zuz 09:41 Sun, 26th Sep

Not only BBC mentionng you but Sky News have it in their sports section

Balloon Museum 09:46 Sun, 26th Sep

Thanks Sticky. You were missed on the launchfield. JB

Fanny 09:46 Sun, 26th Sep

Smashing, I've just watched Fra1 go over. Allez!

Mike Glue 09:54 Sun, 26th Sep

Thanks John. I watched the launches on my PC. I wish I had gone now!

Balloon Museum 09:59 Sun, 26th Sep

Micky, it would have been too cold for a man of your mature years !

david p 10:01 Sun, 26th Sep

fantastic start and all shaping up to an epic, good luck all

c4pfb 10:14 Sun, 26th Sep

morning mike and Dave.Kinsey here hope you're well

mamaballoon 10:15 Sun, 26th Sep

Which team GB is Janet, is she 2?

c4pfb 10:22 Sun, 26th Sep

Hey Danni yes she is

Isabelle Robion 10:25 Sun, 26th Sep

FR2 on espère vous voir dans le ciel provençal mais gare au mistral!